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"Sri Vinayaka Mitra Mandali" Jayanagar 8th block,Bengaluru was started in the year 1982 by a group of enthusiastic youngsters who were in their teens college. The idea was to propagate the traditional values of Hindu society and also at the same time to bring people of the locality on a common platform to worship Lord Ganesha - the remover of obstacles - and be blessed for a prosperous society at large. It is also a platform for establishing budding artists in various cultural fields to show case their talent to a larger audience and at the same time to entertain the citizens of the locality at the time of Ganesha festival year after year.

The Mandali has in the past arranged programmes of famous Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Drama artists like Dr. S.P. Balasubramaniam, Kunnakudi Vaidyanatan, Kadri Gopalnath, C.Ashwath, Master Hirannaiah, Puttur Narsimhanayak, Nagarj hawaldar, Dr. Vidyabhushan, Ratnamala prakash, Manjula Gururaj, M.D.Pallavi B.K.Sumithra, B.R.Chaya., Raju Ananthaswamy,Pravin Godkhindi, Sangeetha Katti, Sudha Bargur, Dyanand, M.S.Narashimamurthy, SarigamaViji, Upasne Sitaram, Makeup Nani, etc.

From the year 1989 "Ganapathi Homa' is also performed in Mandali's premises for the betterment of all residents of the locality on all fronts.

  • Ganesha Festival from 5th Sep. 2016 to 10th Sep. 2016
  • 05-09-2016 MONDAY, 09-00 a.m.
    Installation of Lord Vinayaka-Pooja and Maha Mangalarathi

    6-30 p.m. Bhartanatya by: Kumari T.J. Nivedita, (Physically Challenged, National & State Award Winner)
    7-30 p.m.
    Songs by: Sri. Prasanna

  • 06-09-2016 TUESDAY

    6-30 p.m.
    Dasara Padagalu by: Sri. Mysore Ramachandrachar

  • 07-09-2016 WEDNESDAY

    6-30 p.m.
    Yakshagana by:Yaksha Varadhi Group

  • 08-09-2016 THURSDAY

    9-00 a.m. Sri Vinayaka Swamy Pooja, Samuhika Kumkumarchane for Rajarajeshwari
    Devi and Maha Mangalarathi
    6-30 p.m.
    Orchestra by: ZEE Kannada TV SaReGaMaPa Champions-2016
  • 09-09-2016 FRIDAY
    9-00 a.m. Sri Vinayaka Swamy Pooja and Maha Mangalarathi

    6-30 p.m.
    Fusion Music by:Sri Rajesh Vaidhya & Party
  • 10-09-2016 SATURDAY

    09-00 a.m.Ganapathi Homa & Annasantarpane

    06-30 p.m. Grand Procession& Immersion of Lord Ganesha

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